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How I f’d up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

August 27, 2014

Yes. It’s true. I f’d up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was challenged by a good friend of my wife and I, Marcus Williams. Cool! I thought. I can come up with some cool and unique way to do it. I dreamed. Let’s see, baby Noah can be holding cue cards, that will be pulled away with a string by someone. I continued on. Or maybe a western gun draw. No. My friend, Joey Melcher, did his in the style of Inception. Maybe I could do something like that! Maybe.

Instead it was a matter of speed, because our baby was asleep, and my wife had rehearsal for Spring Awakening. So, I had Noah on the monitor, and quickly dumped a 10 lb. bag of ice into a bucket, and hit record on the camera. No focusing, no color adjusting, nothing. At the time, I didn’t really think about putting water into the bucket. It IS called the ICE Bucket challenge, after all.

Here it is for all to see:

The result

As you can see, it really wasn’t that bad. Ice falls right off of you. I was not soaked. It was quick and painless. It also yielded only a few views. You can be sure that my video did not reach the top of my friends’ news feeds. However, I gave up on the idea of executing an extensive ice bucket challenge due to familial responsibilities.

The others

After doing it and posting the video, I went to look at my friends challenges and many others. Mine sucked. If you haven’t seen them check out some of the best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos by brands here. There were some very high-quality and funny ones completed by people like my friend, Justin Jaksha. And of course there were thoughtful ones, promoting non-profit initiatives like the one done by Matt Damon:

Let’s not forget the potential Darwin Award nominee that set his head on fire: (Edit: Well, looks like they removed it!)


The case for not re-doing the challenge

My wife suggested last night that I re-do the challenge if I wasn’t happy with it. I thought about it. And yea, it wasn’t that great. But at least I didn’t set my head on fire. I’ll stand by it no matter how boring or dry it was. I accepted the challenge and completed it. Was it memorable? No. Was it partly to join the crowd mentality and meet social expectations surrounding the virality of the challenge? Kind of. Was it for a good cause? Yes. Was this a missed self-marketing opportunity? Maybe. But some things are more important in life.