Review: AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS Charms the Crowd at The Alley

March 28, 2016
Around the World - Alley Theatre

Originally published on BroadwayWorld.com:


“The feel-good family friendly show is fast paced, well-performed, and will have you laughing out loud. The show is full of wit, quips, and charm. Todd Waite is Phileas Fogg, the wealthy nobleman who accepts the wager of journeying around the world in eighty days. Waite, in his 15th season as an Alley Company Artist, is witty, charming, courageous, and daring as he travels across countries and oceans, and as he encounters exciting characters. His presence, as always, commands the stage and seems to effortlessly carry us through the invigorating story line. Waite is well-supported by an equally amazing cast with impeccable comedic timing and skillful improvisation. Evan Zes is the high-energy and hilarious French valet, Passepartout. This is Zes’s debut on the Alley stage, and he delivers a knockout performance. Passepartout is quick on his feet, and is consistently looking out for the best interests of his master…”

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