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Just Keep Writing

September 18, 2016
just keep writing

Sometimes, the world doesn’t seem to leave you alone, doesn’t seem to allow any time for you to pursue the things you want. Even though it happens from time to time, and although it can be emotionally and physically draining, your ability to bounce back is what counts.

So, when it feels like you’ve fallen, and the weight of the world is on your shoulders, and those around you aren’t giving you what you need, then gently ask that world to shove off for a while, lift yourself up, dust yourself off, and just keep going. Just keep writing. Get out the negative aspects, and focus on the positive. Try to squeeze in a full night of sleep every now and again too.

Getting Punched in the Head

About a week and a half ago, I got punched in the head. About three times. In the side of my head. It hurt like a bitch. I got caught in the middle of a student fight at my teaching job at the high school. It happened at the beginning of class.

Apparently, some of the students caught in on video with their cell phones, but I refuse to watch it. I don’t want to relive it, and I’d be spared from seeing how awkward and helpless I probably looked. I couldn’t fight back, can’t punch, grab, or push, because I want to keep my job. The two students were girls, and it seems when I say that, people automatically assume they were tiny little adolescents swinging feathery slaps. But no. One of them was six feet tall, and both of them were full grown and eager to get in anyone’s face.

I was sent to the clinic, then to an urgent care, just as a precaution. Headaches and an uneasiness sent me back to the urgent care again, where they prescribed me pain meds. Those pain meds made me ill, and I nearly passed out at work on Friday. I went and had a CT Scan just as an extra precaution, waiting for the results now. On the way home, I pulled over and threw up. I know. Disgusting. The side effects didn’t wear off until later that night. An entire week and a half was sabotaged by this incident. Did I mention the car I was using broke down on the way to work in the middle of this past week? My father in-law and I spent an entire day (a work day) replacing parts on cars, getting tow trucks, and getting said cars to the repair shop.

Finally, this past Friday night I had to forgo seeing my cousin who was here for the weekend from Mexico.

Quit Your Bitching

It’s so easy to bitch, whine, and moan. Anyone can do it. Toddlers do it well. Some teenagers too. You and I, however, don’t have to wallow in self-pity. It’s harder to focus on the good. And I had a lot of good things happen recently. I wrote a monologue that got accepted to be performed in the 26th Annual 10×10 Scriptwriters Houston Showcase.

I have been so excited since receiving that acceptance email. For weeks, I have been talking about it, and I invited a bunch of close friends and family to the performance.

But my plans to attend this past Friday were cancelled due to being ill. My cousin came into town, my brother was going to go, possibly others. I even told the Artistic Director Nicholas Garelick that I’d be there that night. But nope. Just wasn’t possible. I will however be going this coming weekend. I’m grateful that there is another weekend of performances. It is going to be bad ass! The monologue will be performed by Robert Jacobs.

The monologue comes from early drafts of my novel, and I’m excited that this piece was able to be transferred to the stage. I am looking forward to writing more stage pieces in the future. For right now, I’ve turned my focus to the first part of my novel and a book of poetry which will follow. Yes, that’s something else that’s freakin’ awesome. I’m so close to publishing my first book.

Staying Focused

This is definitely one of the hardest things for me to do. I’ve gotten side tracked on a million things since starting this blog post. Last night, it took me three hours to pay bills. Not because of how many bills we have, mind you, but because I took a break to paint with my son, I sent direct deposit information to my employer, and other little things. With a whirlwind of events like getting punched in the head, having vehicles breakdown, getting sick on pain meds, all with a pregnant wife and a toddler at home, it can get tough to keep writing.

I have to forgive myself, and try to squeeze in even a minute of writing whether its in my journal, on my phone, or on the computer. I’ve got to be like Dory. I am focused on the positive. I am focused on my family. I am focused on my writing. I am wondering what time the book store opens. I am wondering if Noah could sit through a movie at the theater. I am thinking I should check Facebook. I am- NO! Reign it in, Alex. Reign it in.

Hope to see you at Pearl Theater this weekend!


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